Babel PR

A lead generation website for a London PR agency

As an established SME with 20 employees including a Marketing Manager, Babel PR have a proven track record within the IT and technology PR industry.  

When they came to Plug & Play, Babel PR were looking for a fresh and modern website. They needed to protect and improve their existing website rankings to increase the performance of the high value Google positions they had already accomplished.

Lead time:
12 weeks
PR / Marketing
Target Type:
Website Goal:
Directors and Marketing Managers of Tech businesses
Web Design, Web Development, Digital Strategy, SEO
Slider banner for Babel PR website development
  • Adobe XD prototypes
  • Custom web design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Digital strategy
  • SEO
  • Contact form
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1 x Web Designer
  • 1x Front-end Developer
  • 1x Back-end Developer
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1x Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital strategy

Digital strategy was a key part of the new website build, analysing how to best optimise the site to generate more new leads for the business. The digital strategy we put in place needed to expand their existing market penetration by increasing the number of keyword positions in Google and improving the website conversion rate – turning more visitors into enquiries.

We undertook keyword research, benchmarking and tracking to complete a gap analysis on Babel PR’s existing and target performance in Google. The new website was created to provide the best structure and optimisation for target keywords identified as having a statistical chance of improvement.

Design approach

The Babel PR website needed to be modern and clean, projecting the level of professionalism you would expect from an established B2B service provider.

We needed to focus on using the Babel PR brand in a way that would elevate the company, expanding on their use of fonts and typography, as well as looking at spacing, alignment and layout styles.

The website has a clean and simple layout, with a menu that is much smaller than their previous website, but is focused around the core persona archetypes that they know turn into their best customers.

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Example of Babel PR's newly designed menu


The main menu is much smaller than the old menu, reflecting our desire to strip the user experience back to basics.

Filterable blogs zoom effect on hover

Interactive zoom

To make the case studies more interactive we created an on-hover effect to engage with the user.

Babel PR's contact form layout

Spacing and layout

We wanted to keep the website simple to use and easy to digest, focusing on engagement rather than over-doing interactions.

WordPress CMS

Part of our core value proposition is that we build websites that are easy to manage and maintain internally. We deliver on this by creating websites in a modular manner, effectively codifying the design guidelines such that anyone in the business could edit pages, create new layouts, manage menus and upload new content in line with the brand guidelines. Babel PR regularly creates new case studies and content articles for publication on their website, so having an easy to use CMS was a key deliverable of the project.

Selection of mobile views of the Babel PR website design


As with all modern websites, the new Babel PR website needed to be fast and easy to use on a mobile. To deliver on this we created a clean and modern mobile menu. The website has been coded so the design framework and all website content seamlessly adapt to smaller mobile and tablet screens.

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