Enabling a busy marketing team with a flexible CMS

Clarasys are a fast growing business consultancy with over 80 full time employees and a small (but awesome) internal marketing team.

Our first engagement with Clarasys was to re-build their existing website like-for-like. Their existing website was slow and the on-page front-end code was poor quality, resulting in lower Google positions than they could otherwise achieve. Our rebuild approach quickly overcame these issues, enabling their website to successfully compete for valuable Google rankings.

Initial results from this re-code was a 77% improvement in website speed, and a jump in their organic rankings resulting in a 15% increase in target market visitors.

Lead time:
8 weeks
B2B Consultants
Target Type:
Directors and Executives in large organisations
Website Goal:
Increase lead generation
Web Design, Web Development, Digital Strategy, SEO
  • SEO and digital strategy
  • Custom web design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Contact form
  • Gated content
  • Salesforce integration
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1x Front-end Developer
  • 1x Back-end Developer
  • 1 x Website Designer
  • 1x Digital Marketing Specialist
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
3 mobile phones showing new IT consultancy website

Increasing conversion rate

The Clarasys marketing team use a mix of inbound and outbound marketing strategies to drive traffic to their website. As such their new website needed to successfully convert these visitors into enquiries. Website visitors, whether referred from Google for the first time or from an offline event, needed to be guided through a validation process to qualify Clarasys and their services. The new website also needed to reassure visitors on Clarasys’ core values and competencies, providing the confidence for a visitor to get in touch.

Post-launch website results

The results from the re-build are extremely positive, with the new quality code base driving increases in Google rankings and website performance.

+ 1 15 %
Increase in organic traffic since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 77 %
Increase in server response time which is a ranking factor in Google, as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 50 %
Increase in page load speed since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.

Design approach

Following the initial re-build project, we were engaged to re-design the website. Although this process might seem backwards, it was highly effective to rapidly improve the website rankings first, before undertaking the more time intensive website re-design.

With the new design we focused on embracing their new brand, and collaborated with their branding agency to ensure that we designed a website that was true to the brand vision.

The result is a crisp and clean website, with clear spacing, alignment, typography and layout.

The Experience Consultancy

IT consultancy website development

Gated content

Clarasys can manage and create new pieces of gated content for download on their website to gather contact information from prospective customers.

Page from consultancy web design

Salesforce integration

The website needs to generate quality leads, but also to deliver those leads to the sales team within their Salesforce CRM via the website contact form.

Page from new web development project

Call to actions

Across the website you’ll find bold call to actions within the pages as well as across the menu and footers.

Enabling their marketing team

Clarasys operate in a dynamic and exciting sector, and therefore need to remain current and innovative. To achieve this they needed a website that could innovate as quickly as they do. At Plug & Play we focus on enabling internal marketing teams with industry leading tools, and a design and implementation approach that means that our customers can do much more themselves – creating new pages, new layouts, new content and much more.

“Plug & Play are truly great at what they do and think about things in ways that others do not. They are a really great organisation delivering an outstanding quality of work and are genuinely awesome people to work with!”

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