Random 42

A flexible CMS and enhanced cyber security

Random 42 is a leading medical animation studio based in London. They approached us with concerns around the security of their website and the time it took to load. Their Marketing Manager also had frustrations when trying to update content on the website and was often left unable to add new pages or update text and imagery on the site.

Lead time:
14 weeks
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Target Type:
Pharmaceutical companies
Website Goal:
Upskill and enable internal teams, generate new enquiries
Website backend development, digital marketing, dev ops, content migration
Medical animations for website rebuild
  • WordPress CMS
  • Varnish cache
  • Pardot integration
  • SEO audit and implementation
  • Competitor SEO analysis
  • 1 x Senior Backend Developer
  • 1 x Junior Backend Developer
  • 1 x Project Manager
  • 1 x Quality Assurance Tester
  • 1 x Digital Marketing Specialist

Post-launch website results

The new Random 42 website enables their marketing team to flexibly manage content. The high quality code has also had a significant impact on search engine rankings and load speed, increasing the website visibility for target search phrases and improving the onsite user experience.

+ 1 33 %
Increase in organic traffic since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 46 %
Increase in page load speed since launch as tracked by Google Analytics.
+ 1 43 %
increase in average search visibility since go live as tracked by Moz.com.

Digital Marketing Research

We undertook extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to statistically assess Random 42’s competitiveness for a huge variety of search terms. This approach enables resources to be invested in opportunities with a statistical weighting for success, providing greater value and accelerating results. This gave Random 42 the best chance for appearing highly in Google and driving high quality traffic to the site.


Statistics show that a user will leave a site if it takes too long to load. We implemented Varnish cache to improve Random 42’s load time and improve the overall user experience.

Modular CMS

We provided the Random 42 team with a modular CMS to provide total flexibility when creating new pages. They can use any of their existing components to edit pages and create new page layouts.

Medical animation for Random 42 website

Security Updates

Online security is a growing concern for most organisations. We implemented cyber security measures to give Random42 peace of mind about their website security.

Pardot Integration

Random42 use Pardot to manage their sales leads so we set up their contact form submissions to go directly into Pardot to help streamline their workflow.

Random 42 logo

“The Plug & Play team were excellent throughout our website rebuild. The support we received was invaluable and really gave me confidence. The back-end to the site itself is a massive improvement and more user friendly, enabling me to manage the site more easily and efficiently.”


Random 42 has a new website that offers a better user experience because of vastly improved load times. The Random 42 team has the flexibility to edit their content with ease and create new pages without needing to speak to a developer. The on-page SEO work that we did has improved rankings and organic traffic, driving visitors to a secure, fast site.

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