Yoga Website & Logo Design

  • Created by Matthew Stapleford
  • on the 25 April, 2014.
Yoga website image

I recently completed a website for a Yoga studio based in the UK called SynergyYoga that required a new logo design and a responsive website that worked particularly well on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

The Yoga studio has a number of different teachers and instructors and so required a class times table that they could update themselves as and when they needed to. For this function I decided to use Perch CMS as I wanted to incorporate a CMS (Content Management System) into the design of the website rather than using a CMS that required the website to work around a rigid template structure. Perch CMS was an exceptional choice.

I also needed to add a blog to the site for which I would usually use WordPress but on this occasion I decided to test the Perch CMS blog app which also worked well. It did take longer to setup than a WordPress blog but once it was up and running it worked really well and was not limiting to the design in anyway.

The Yoga studio also required a map so I used Google maps for this which I would highly recommend. Google allows you to embed maps into a website and so I adjusted the appearance of the map to a full width map on the site which was more suitable and consistent with the rest of the web page layouts.

As a final request the website also needed to have a testimonials area that could also be updated so I used the same CMS to add this function to the site which also worked well.

Overall I am pleased with the results and the feedback that I have received from others has also been very positive so this site will shortly be added to the DigitalPod online portfolio.