FireBubble Is Now DigitalPod

  • Created by Matthew Stapleford
  • on the 12 April, 2014.
FireBubble identity image

FireBubble was a business that I started in 2007 which offered graphic design services but with a focus on logo design. Since 2007 I have advanced considerably with my web coding skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to the point that I would now consider myself a web designer rather than a graphic designer.

This has lead to a re-brand of FireBubble under a new name (DigitalPod) which reflects more of a web focused business. I will still offer logo and stationery design services but I will also be offering responsive websites as a main focus of the business rather than just focusing on graphic design projects which I had done in the past.

My service will pretty much remain unaffected for all of my clients as you can still contact me using the same tel number and you will also be able to reach me over the next year using the old firebubble email address.

All hosting remains unaffected with no changes other than your next invoice will be from DigitalPod rather than FireBubble.

If you had a logo designed by FireBubble in the past and need the files due to misplacing them, please feel free to contact me and I will provide the files and support in the same way as I have done previously.

I would like to personally thank everybody that supported FireBubble from clients to associates and I look forward to the many plans I have for DigitalPod in 2014 and beyond.

Matthew Stapleford.